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Wicktonville Fire Department participates in events and activities beyond its emergency services role. The photos show WFD in action all around.

Engine 2 on-scene Engine 2 at Wicktonville College Hot Shots and Engine 2
Engine 2 arriving for a call to investigate smoke in one of the regional parks. Engine 2 on-site at Wicktonville College for fire sprinkler testing. Engine 2 with the soccer team WFD sponsored this year (the "U9" Hot Shots)
Quint 59 on Parade Training Tower Hot Shots and Engine 2
Quint 59 is just as comfy at fire scenes as at parades -- and both can draw a crowd. Quint 59 flowing water at the training facility during a recent working weekend. Quint 59 participating in a multi-agency disaster response exercise.
Motor Vehicle Accident Emergency Response Training Farmer's Market
Rescue 71 on-scene after a pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accident. Rescue 71 participating in the same disaster response exercise with Quint 59. Rescue 71 on "stand-by" at one of the township's Farmer's Market events.


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