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Fire Crew Companies

The current volunteer roster for Wicktonville Fire Department is below, organized by Company. Each company reports through their Company Captain to the Fire Chief.

A full company will staff the Engine (engineer, captain, and 1-2 firefighters), Quint (engineer and firefighter) and rescue (firefighter-paramedic). Wicktonville's police officers are also trained as firefighter/EMTs to supplement fire response.

Companies rotate a full-week of on-call volunteer schedule. The company changes on-call duties each week on Monday at 8am. As a reminder, the township's air raid siren sounds at 12 noon for five-seconds. (Note: The department also uses the siren in the event of an all-company alarm, the township's air raid siren is sounded with two four-second bursts, and all available crew are to respond to the station.)

The last staffing update and revision to this page was on March 16, 2009.

Fire Chief Blaine "Sparky" Fischer
Alpha Company
Bravo Company
Charlie Company
Captain M. Hathaway
Captain R. Smith
Captain E. Mack
P. George
B.R. Barnes
B. Bassett
I. Monterroza
T. Jordan
F. Duck
B. Marco
K. Foster
C. Stevens
A. Neapolitan III
B. Simon
J. Hernandez
E. George
M. Compagno
(Vacant - Apply Today!)
J. Ogden
A. Crenshaw

Total Company Strength: 6
Total Company Strength: 7
Total Company Strength: 7
Helmet Colors: Black - Firefighter, Yellow - Engineer, Red - Lieutenant/Captain, White - Asst. Chief/Chief


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