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Fire Chief's Corner

Fire Chief Blaine "Sparky" Fischer

The success of Wicktonville Fire is the result of the strong sense of community of our volunteers. The WFD operates with three companies of men and women who donate their time and out-of-pocket costs to train and respond to calls for service to aid the community of Wicktonville. These brave souls expect nothing in return, but welcome your smiles and waves as we are in-quarters at the station or driving down the road.

The services to our community would not be possible without the full support and cooperation of community, the Mayor and Township Council, and the Lintswitch County Fire Department. With your continued support, the Wicktonville Fire Department will be able to provide the emergency services necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of you, our community and neighbors.

Blaine "Sparky" Fischer,
Fire Chief, Wicktonville Fire Dept.

About the Chief
Chief Fischer joined Wicktonville FD in 1999, having worked for the county fire department for nearly 20 years. He brings with him a wealth of experience, as well as an unexplained appreciation for rap music and a seemingly endless supply of coupons from Panda's Pizza. (If you see him on the streets, don't hesitate to ask him for one of those $3 off extra large coupons -- he's never failed to have four or more hidden in a pocket!)

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