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Fire Station 1 (aka Station 67*)

Station 1 is located at 1404 NE Wicktonville Boulevard, near Athens Street. Station 1 was finally constructed in late 2005, and is able to accommodate the Township's three fire apparatus. The Station also has room for volunteers to muster for call-outs and training, as well as civic groups to hold meetings and events. (The use of the Station is free to any organized group that operates within the Township.)

If you are interested in a tour of the Station, please contact the Chief's office during business hours, at 612-2301. You should also contact the Chief's office if your organization wants to use the Station for a meeting or event. (It is recommended you book early, but not less than four weeks in advance, as our facilities are quite popular and tend to reserve early.

Though not a part of Wicktonville Fire, a second station, Lintswitch County Fire Station 75 (or Station 6 under the old numbering scheme), is located adjacent to the Celestial subdivision housing area, just west of Interstate 11. LCFD Station 75 provides fire protection to the unincorporated areas of Wicktonville, as well as providing second-out response/mutual aid to Wicktonville in the event of larger fire calls. (Similarly, Wicktonville provides support to LCFD for calls outside of Township corporation limits.) LCFD Station 75 houses one engine and one truck company. LCFD also houses the Chief of Battalion 1 out of this location.

* Station 1 is the reasonable starting point for a town with a single station; as we blend with the state Mutual Aid Resource System, not every department can have the same station number; our state number is 67, and trucks bear the prefix of 67 (i.e. 6702 on Engine 2, 6759 on Quint 59, etc.) for ease of coordination during major fire incidents.

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