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Volunteer for WFD

The Wicktonville Fire Department is largely a volunteer department, under the leadership of a full-time fire chief. As a volunteer firefighter, you will serve the community by responding to emergencies, participate in community events as a WFD representative, and have the opportunity to assist in mutual aid calls by responding to fire emergencies in other areas.

To volunteer, give the Chief a call at 612-2301, or visit the Chief's Office at Station 1. To qualify, you must:

  • Live within the Township limits. (We we think it's great to volunteer, but for call-outs, we need you to live within a short distance of the fire station. If you live elsewhere, we encourage you to check into volunteering in your home town.)

  • Have, or be able to obtain, a drivers license with a firefighter class B, air brakes and tank endorsement.

  • Be willing to participate one Saturday a month for drills and training.

  • Be willing to be on-call by department-issued two-way walkie-talkie phone to respond to fires, auto accidents, and even the occasional cat stuck in a tree. (In the event of an all-company alarm, the township's air raid siren is sounded with two four-second bursts, and all available crew are to respond to the station. A "Code 3," or lights-and-siren response is authorized under Wicktonville Township Code 10.28.090 when responding to, but not leaving from, an volunteer call-out.)

  • Install emergency lights and a siren in your personal vehicle to respond, when called upon, to the station or to emergency scenes. (We'll provide the know-how and merchant discount code, you provide the cash to buy your gear.)

  • Look good in blue. We wear A LOT of blue. If you're more of a khaki and olive drab sort, we'd suggest joining the Marines. Or the Boy Scouts. (You can find recruiting offices for both in Fieldburg, three miles north on I-11.).

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